Ciber Safety Today’s Priority

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Ciber Safety Today’s Priority

“What is Cyber ​​Security?”

The word Siber is a broad and abstract substructure that works in the infrastructure of the information system.

This It is called a short cümled cyber world. Cyber ​​Safety Cyber ​​security is a good safeguard.
“The first bullet will be thrown on the internet in a possible war.”
Information privacy and security are constantly analogy. Information security is a bit more technical. Cyber ​​Security is a wider and more abstract one
network area.

“The Role of Cyber ​​Safety Today:

While our life is digitizing, we see that the dimension of security and privacy grows day by day. Digital systems are constantly evolving and sustainable
It’s true how safe they are to be. Provide protection for previously unseen security systems, and
While talking about the privacy of information, I began to talk about cyber security concepts on active platforms on the day. Objects and objects with internet
we will take a step into an interconnected world where everything is digital and this open platform contains many hazards. systems
and how active information is in the open platforms, so much more dangerous, attacking and fraudulent. No
there is a need for an integrated, preventative cyber security policy and investment to avoid security breaches.

“What is the method of protection against cyber security?”

For Corporations and Corporations There are some methods of Ciber Protection in the field of Ciber Safety:

Security weakness must be regularly presented with security and scrutiny.
A different program for cyber security should be developed for the Company Company and its employees.
Employers’ awareness of information security should increase by making simulation and training projects aimed at raising awareness about cyber attacks.
Information security should be integrated and applied to all business methods because these jobs are a whole.
The firm should refer to the information security method that is most suitable for its adjective and knowledge accumulation.
The company should care about rules and safety methods even for one person.
Domestic producer companies should always be preferred. The products of foreign companies have almost all the information of the hackers
It is important to remember that economic and powerful states can access all kinds of information on their network by abusing it.
By using encrypted communication channels that are vulnerable to sensitive services (vpn, e-mail, portal, etc.) for both company and remote workers
They need to make sure they have access. Control systems must be in place to prevent theft of data.
Abnormal rules should be created momentarily and unintentionally in the past, taking all kinds of events on the Internet and the computer environment.

Individual Users Ciber Safety Where is it?

• Staying connected to the Internet Network allows security cameras to be remotely controlled by attackers and is vulnerable. Most of the time in the house
security cameras sharing the same network with other devices connected to the internet network are available to attackers
and the entire home network is at risk.
• Smart devices, computers and tablets are among the most used devices. In contrast, each of the smart devices
Since only 3 of 10 users know that their device’s camera and content can be accessed by attackers,
he is worried about knowing the image without recording.
• Smart TVs are also an Internet camera and 6 of every 10 smart TV users have a security solution for these TVs
It does. Rather, 35 per cent of individuals using smart TV are putting their applications on their televisions, and 30 per cent of these applications
download APK from websites outside the app store. As a result of the same research, more than half of smart TV owners
they never change the passwords on their devices and 55 percent of smart TV users do not make software updates on their devices.
• The devices connected to the Internet must show more care to the security and privacy of users with such features
is required. Smart TVs and IP cameras that are protected by existing passwords and never updated are generally insecure
and this makes them suitable for cybercrime.
• If we look at laptop computers and intelligent mobile phones, spyware, antivirus software may try to observe you
you need to make sure that only the applications you install and allow access your device’s internet camera.

At the end of the research, there are also security methods for individual smart device users:
• Before purchasing a networked device, you should know that the device is reliable and that you know exactly how it will work.
Make sure that you know how to connect to the Internet, which file can be accessed, where these files and data are stored, and under what conditions they are used.
• Put a new and strong password that will remove the default password to keep your security line safe. Wireless
Routers are powerful for all smart devices as well as never use passwords that are never simple.
• If you can, keep your smart TV connected to a separate WiFi network. If there is camera, cover with selo tape
and only try to install applications authorized by the manufacturer.
• The security status of the smart devices in your home, which people are used, whether the software is updated regularly by the manufacturer
keep up-to-date on what to do if you are constantly getting software updates, and most importantly, how often they are being attacked.
• Remove malware for all your smart devices, find an intelligent security solution that will detect and prevent phishers and attack attempts.

“Cyber ​​Security: New Generation Diplomacy and War”

Regional conflicts are continuing While we occupy the predominant part of our agenda, global actors are the only ones
The ambience is definitely not just war-based warfare. Cyber ​​warfare and espionage in some states more than 15 years
is active. The masters of the pirates will be discovered by the states and used for the country’s
It is also a support for the traditional war and conflicts in the world over the cyber environment.
After the first cyber war, Russia’s tight war on Estonia in 2007, NATO could not remain indifferent,
He has appointed his officers in order to provide great support in the field of technological and security. The attackers believe that Estonia has many state services,
telecommunication infrastructure and banking services. The reason for this event is that the capital of Estonia is located in Tallinn
The idea of ​​changing the location of the Bronze Military Memorial was due to the difference in opinion on Russia’s view.
Due to the crisis that Russia lived in Georgia this time in 2008, the entire internet network of the country and the internet
has severely disrupted government services. As a result of the usual suspicion that Russia is behind the attack
It was not. All of the attacks have also been identified as targets of the systems in Georgia, Russia and Turkey.
reducing aircraft at the time of crisis that occurred between Russia and Turkey Turkey has also faced a similar attack. The attacks,
(DDoS) attack.

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