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Hamster is a very non-social animal.

Therefore, the first thing we need to know about hamster care is that we have to prepare the environment in which we can be alone. Hamsters can get infectious (flu, flu, etc.) diseases from people. For this reason, sick people should stay away from the hamster. Care must be taken to ensure that a hamster is healthy, with feathers and rounded body structures to ensure that the eyes are vivid and bright and that there is no discharge in the nose. Hamsters do not get along well with their kind. So if you are thinking about feeding a few hamsters to the same cage, you should choose a cage that is quite large and all of its own divisions. Hamsters do not like extreme heat. For this reason, you should keep the temperature of the room where your hamster is located controlled. At a temperature of 27 degrees, they can fall into a deep sleep. You might even think they’re dead because of these features.

How should hamster cage be?

Be careful to keep your head as wide as you can from your hand. Straw, sawdust, etc. you are going to write materials. The reason is that hamsters do not like the nemesis and will provide a natural environment in this way. It is also necessary to put grass in the cage. You should buy specially produced feed and water for hamsters. There should also be a ferris wheel in the cage.

How is Hamster Cage Cleaned?

It’s enough to clean once a week. Try not to clean the cage too often. Otherwise, your hamster, who has left the smell of aroma and recognizes it in this way, may be restless.

How and what is hamster fed with?

Hamsters can eat corn, oats, etc. dry foods have a suitable digestive system to eat. Hazelnut loves peanut-style foods. You should give your hamster eggs and / or cheese to feed several times a week. Be careful not to keep the food that will break down for a long time because the hamsters tend to accumulate food. Apart from that, you can also feed with ready-made feed. Bananas, apples such as fruits, boiled broccoli, carrots, vegetables, such as potatoes, you can give less. If you take care to make the vegetables less olive oil, you will see that they are easier to eat.

What should you do with your hamster?

You should not give too much fatty foods, salt and sugar. You should not eat tomatoes, onions and garlic or fried foods.

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