Natural Beauty

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Natural Beauty

Nature has made all the possibilities emrine of female beauty. Fruits, vegetables, eggs and milk are valuable items as well as being a part of women’s beauty. In this article I will talk about the masks made with the products in the country.

Lemon Mask: After mixing one lemon juice and one egg stream first, cook continuously without mixing until it comes to the consistency of the pudding. Put the mask on your face as hot as you prepare. In order to be able to remove easily afterwards, it is useful to apply a cream beforehand. This mask will be good for the brown stains and will cause your face to look bright and soft.

Tomato Lobster: Add a soup spoon glycerin into a tomato juice instead of lemon. After riding your face and waiting for 5 minutes, wash it with warm water. Tomato is a natural solution to skin wrinkles and aging lines.

Egg Flux Mask: Mix 100 grams of flour and a bowl of soup spoon for an egg. Cover your mask with your face and stand for 15 minutes. Then rinse with warm water. This mask, which heals and nourishes the skin, is suitable for all skin types.

Carrot Mask: There are several vitamins in the carrot, especially carotene, which is used in beauty products. As the carotene comes to mind the vitamins. Vitamin A citte decreases signs of aging. Because of this, raw caviar should be used in the face as much as it is for food.

Carrot juice can be used as a lotion or as an oppressed carrot mask can also be applied to the face.

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