Winter Care for Oily Skin

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Winter Care for Oily Skin

Some women tend to be more genetically oily than skin. In addition, pregnant women, menopausal entrants or birth control pills, especially those on the list of suspects for oily skin. Oily skin is attracting like dust and dirt into the magnet, causing it to multiply rapidly and clog pores.

Concomitant pores also lead to acne, black spots, stains and other skin imperfections. Reduced blood circulation in winter reduces sweat and oil circulation in the body. However, as the skin can not protect itself, tenderness develops, itching starts and redness starts to occur. However, there is one thing that should not be missed is that even the oily skin tends to dry out and crack in the winter months. When it comes to making oily skin;

Do not wash the face with too much hot water and do not bath. Hot water allows skin to dry in winter.
It is necessary to drink plenty of water in the winter as well as summer.
Apply peeling by not missing the dose. Twice a week will be enough.

Make a clay mask once a week to reduce the pores. If you have stains, you will add a few drops of lemon juice and a small amount of carbonate skin stains to your inside when preparing the mask.
Do not use any humidifier. Choose a cream that contains vitamin A. It will be healthier to use your moisturizer when lying down rather than going out.
Another reason for oily skin is nutrition. Stay away from fatty foods. It has been proved that lemon and kivin are good for oily bindings. Apart from that, try to consume the products rich in vitamin B5 and B2.

Before going out in the winter, absolutely crawlin the sun.

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