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It is the most developed city in the world that turns into a modern city from a fishing village. This city is made up of two city centers, which are modern and traditional, and are not at all similar to each other. A modern visual center with large and huge skyscrapers, shopping centers, luxury hotels, bars and government buildings. The traditional side is surrounded by historic glass, inns and baths.

When you come to Dubai, the first places you should go are the palm islands and the world’s longest building, Bruj Khalita. The palm islands are the palm tree-shaped islands made of human hands. I am officially in love here and every time I look at how I think they did it. Burj Al Arab and the Atlantis hotel, we were amazed at the intelligence of the architects who made it, we can rent a car in the Dubai desert and take a 40-minute safari tour in our desert safari tour. Next time we will visit Dubai Mall, a huge shopping mall, where you can find every product and every brand you want, you can just go to the aquarium section and see the kinds of fish you have never seen.

In Dubai you can find both world and Arab dishes, but there are usually plenty of spicy and fatty dishes. You can find fish dishes and restaurants and eat local specialties because of the sea side.

Nightlife does not develop here because it is a country ruled by religious rules. I am sorry if you have a dream that drinks are only sold at licensed hotels and you like to go to a bara and have a drink.

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