Morocco Trip – Morocco, one of the most interesting and magical cities of North Africa

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Morocco, one of the most interesting and magical cities of North Africa, is bringing a whole new world.

Even though it is a city connected to Morocco, it seems like a different and unique city. With its narrow streets and powerful architecture, it is a city that leaves you in your curiosity and makes you think about what is going to happen. The best season to go to Marokka is autumn, because the climate of this place is desert climate, extreme heat, sandstorms are left in the sun in the late afternoon and the sun is not burning.

While visiting Marokko, there are many historical monuments and museums such as Marokko Museum, Medresa Bin Youseef, Bahai Palace, Brett Flint Museum. In these museums, Marakko’s recent history is on display and heavily welcomes guests. If you are not curious about Tarihe you have a very nice suggestion that you should absolutely try safari sightseeing. We went to a group here and rented a safari car, we met the animals we had never seen.

After visiting many places, we wanted to shop and we went to a local market called Suok. Here you can find very small shops, spices, rugs, nuts and custom clothing in these stores. What you need to pay attention to when shopping is to pay a lot of money for products, because tourists here mean gas.

Marokko’s cuisine is so close to our dining culture that you do not go through much difficulty. Meat, milk, vegetable dishes are dessert, while semolina and spicy sweetness are weeds.

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