Traffic insurance is compulsory insurance !

Traffic insurance is compulsory insurance !

What Is Compulsory Traffic Insurance?

If we need to make a brief description, we can say that it is an insurance which is compulsory to be made by every owner of the vehicle and which guarantees the body and material damages that can be given to the other party in case of damage.
Vehicles that do not have compulsory traffic insurance can not go to traffic. This type of insurance is valid within the borders of the Republic of Turkey. Compulsory traffic insurance does not cover the damage of the vehicle, only damages the damage of the other vehicle.

What Are The Penalties For Not Having Compulsory Traffic Insurance?
Vehicles that do not have compulsory traffic insurance or whose duration has expired are processed in such a way as to prevent them from coming to traffic at the place they are seen (connected). Each owner of the vehicle is responsible for having compulsory traffic insurance and for renewing the insurance period before the end of the insurance period.

The vehicles of those who do not have compulsory insurance shall be taken to the parking lot of traffic branches. So it is not possible to continue on by paying a penalty. Vehicle is immediately banned from traffic. After that, it’s not easy to get the car back. Traffic insurance must be done to get the vehicle. In the parking lot where the vehicle is located, the officers in charge are informed of the situation. The document must be communicated. After that, the vehicle will be paid for the traffic without insurance. The car must be paid for every day in the parking lot.

What Are The Mandatory Traffic Insurance Limits?
The limits on compulsory traffic insurance vary depending on the type of damage to the traffic accident. In the event of any loss of life, the amount to be paid to relatives of the deceased is different from the amount to be paid for hospital expenses in case of injury. In the same way, only in the event of material damage, the amount to be paid varies. In such cases, the amount to be paid changes each year, so that the premiums to be paid every year also changes.
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