Artificial intelligence will define brain damage

Artificial intelligence will define brain damage

The artificial intelligence system developed by scientists and doctors in China will be used to identify brain injuries.

Scientists from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese People’s Liberation Army’s artificial intelligence system, which the doctors have been working on for over 5 years, will help doctors identify and evaluate people with brain damage, according to the Sinhua agency.

The system, which is expected to play an important role in the recovery of consciousness, especially of patients with loss of consciousness and dysfunction (DOC), is based on this image by displaying the networks that the structures of different parts of the brain communicate with each other.

Artificial intelligence has examined 10 thousands of images from 63 patients who have had impaired consciousness so far, and 88 percent correctly diagnosed patients who can not come back and can not come back.

Song Ming, managing director of the study, said that during the study of the brain, many regions were moving together and communication networks were formed.

Song noted that communication networks at the doctors’ offices can not see a direct link to unconsciousness, and that artificial intelligence could provide new clues to understand the disease, Song said, hoping that the artificial intelligence could provide a full assessment and preliminary information on brain injuries.

Song pointed out that the artificial intelligence model needed more money to be a valid and reliable system.

The study was published in the international eLife magazine. Unconsciousness, some patients after the disease, bedridden or vegetable life can be.

More than 500 patients in China are suffering from chronic trauma, stroke and other brain diseases caused by chronic DOC.

However, 70 thousand to 100 thousand new cases are recorded each year.

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