Parker satellite, the object closest to the sun

Parker satellite, the object closest to the sun

The Parker Solar Discovery Satellite of the American Aeronautics and Space Agency (NASA) became the man-made object that came closest to the Sun.

In a statement from NASA, on the 78th day of the satellite launch of the satellite launched into space on August 12, 42.7 million kilometers approached the Sun to record the 42.8 million-kilometer distance recorded by the German-US Helios 2 spacecraft in 1976. he said.

With the Delta 4 rocket produced by Boeing, the spacecraft launched from the Cape Canaveral Space Base in Florida, USA, is expected to approach 6.16 million kilometers during the 7-year exploration activity.

The spacecraft will be exposed to a thousand 370 degrees in orbit in the Sun. The carbon composite heat shield, 12 centimeters thick, which is resistant to the radioactive effect of the sun, will insulate the heat and keep the vehicle at a temperature of about 30 degrees.

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