Texas – Hire car conditions

Texas – Hire car conditions

Hire car conditions

Where you are making a claim under any hire car benefit in your policy you:

  • may be required to enter into a hire agreement with the hire car provider;
  • are required to collect the hire car from and return it to the place nominated by us or the hire car provider; • may not be able to use the hire car for ridesharing activities;
  • are responsible for all running costs and extras of the hire car, including paying the deposit, security bond, fuel and any upgrade costs;
  • agree and authorise us to lodge a claim on your policy in the event that the hire car is lost or damaged whilst on hire to you and we insure you pursuant to the cover provided in additional features ‘Hire car after theft’, ‘Hire car after a not at fault incident’, ‘GIO Platinum hire car’ or optional cover ‘Hire car after an event up to 21 days’;
  • are responsible for arranging and paying all hire car costs for any period you continue to use the hire car beyond the covered hire period; and
  • are required to refund to us any costs (including any insurance costs) we incur for the hire car, if you withdraw your claim or we refuse to accept it.

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